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Updated: @ 24/05/2024 09:15 - next update at 09:20  
Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Outlook
Mainly cloudy, Dry Mainly cloudy, Dry
Currently: 20.4, Max: 20.4, Min: 18.9 20.4°C
Warmer 0.2°C than last hour.


Feels like: 23°C

24-hr difference
-0.3°CColder 0.3°C than yesterday at this time.
  Today Yesterday
High: 20.4°C
Low: 18.9°C
 Wind from SSW SSW
0 km/h
0 Bft - Calm
Today: 9.7 km/h 05:19
Gust Month: 35.3 km/h May 6
Rain Today: 0 mm
Rain Rate (/hr): 0 mm
Rain Yesterday: 0 mm
Storm Rain: 0 mm
This Month: 0 mm
Season Total: 10.4 mm
55 days since last rain.
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 72 %  
Dew Point: 15.2°C Increased 0.2°C since last hour.
Barometer: 1018.9 hPa Rising 0.7  hPa/hr
Baro Trend: Rising slowly
Sunrise: 06:08
Sunset: 19:49
Moonset: 06:29
Moonrise: 21:10
Full Moon
Full Moon, Moon at 15 days in cycle
UV Index Solar Radiation
   1.6     Low 
High: 2.3 @ 09:07
285 W/m2 (46 %)
High: 791 @  09:09
 Aerisweather Weather Forecast  - Outlook:  &

Aerisweather forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Partly cloudy in the morning, becoming partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon. High 26°. UV index up to 9. Wind north-northeast around 10 kph, gusting to 27 kph.
Davis VP+ forecast: Mostly clear with little temp change.

Aerisweather forecast:
WXSIM forecast: Fair. Low 18°. Wind northeast around 13 kph, gusting to 27 kph.